Online Payment Service - Water Bills
2011/01/10 00:00
The Macao Postal Savings has built an electronic payment platform, which officially came into operation in early 2008, providing a convenient, fast and secure payment channel for different public internet services.

Recently, in cooperation with the Macao Water Supply Co. Ltd. (Macao Water), the Macao Postal Savings began providing online payment service for water bills through the electronic payment platform. The service activation ceremony took place at 3 p.m. on January 11th 2011, hosted by Lau Wai Meng, President of the Macao Postal Savings Administrative Committee, Stephen Clark, Chairman of Macao Water’s Board of Directors, Fan Xiaojun, Executive Director of Macao Water, and Wong Man Tou, Government representative at the Macao Water Supply Co.Ltd.

This is a special service because, not only is it convenient, fast, and reliable, it also operates 24 hours a day and with no additional charges.

Since the launch of the Electronic Payment Platform, more than ten Public Services have began using this platform so as to provide their services via the Internet, having added up to date over 110,000 payments, with increased usage on an upward trend.

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