Awarding Ceremony of Macao Postal Savings Grants Program
2011/10/10 00:00
The awarding ceremony of Macao Postal Savings Grants Program for the 2010/2011 school year was held at 3p.m. on October 9th, 2011 at the Auditorium of the Communications Museum and hosted by the Director of the Macao Post, Dra. Lau Wai Meng.

Macao Postal Savings (CEP) is a credit institution under the subordination of the Macao Post. Aside from providing banking services like Deposits, Loans and Money Transfer, etc, one of CEP’s concerns is the education of young people. CEP sets up a Grants Program with the aim to provide financial assistance to local higher form full-time students of Macao Secondary Schools. This year, there are 36 beneficiaries nominated by the schools for good academic results or notable progress in academic performance. Each of the beneficiaries was awarded a book token of MOP1,000.00 as a form of encouragement.
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