Signing Ceremony of Protocols for Electronic Payment through the Internet
2010/12/14 00:00
The “Electronic Government” is an important project in the Public Administration Reform Program. “Electronic Payment” is an indispensable element for the success of the “Electronic Government”, because only with the provision of an electronic payment channel can the e-Government’s “one-stop” option be accomplished.

Given the importance of the “Electronic Payment”, Macao Postal Savings has built an electronic payment platform, which officially came into operation in early 2008, providing the various public services with a convenient, fast and secure channel for payment via the web.

Macao Postal Savings’ Electronic Payment Platform already operates as an electronic payment channel, via the Internet, for the various Public Services, including: online payment of fines; online registration for the International Marathon; online rental of sports facilities; online ticket purchasing; online register for advanced courses; online payment of tuition fees; online booking for international conferences; online application for certificates; online subscription and purchase of philatelic products; online renewal of Professional Licences; online sale of Books, etc.

Recently, the electronic payment platform started to include also the online purchase of cartographic products from Macao Cartography and Cadastre Bureau, and from January 2011 on, Transport Bureau is going to provide the service of online payment for the Vehicle Licence Annual Fee (Imposto de Circulação), using the electronic platform of Macao Postal Savings.

On December 14th, 2010, Macao Postal Savings signed with the aforementioned Public Services “Protocols for Electronic Payment through the Internet”, in the honorable presence of Chan Hon Peng, Director of Macao Cartography and Cadastre Bureau, and Wong Wan, Director of Transport Bureau.

Since the Electronic Payment Platform was put into effect, twelve public services have began using this platform so as to provide their services via the Internet, having added up to date over 90,000 payments, with the trend pointing towards increased usage. We can thus conclude that the “one-stop” of the e-Government is becoming increasingly popular and also increasingly used by the public.

After signing of the protocols, the representative of Macao Cartography and Cadastre Bureau demonstrated how to order maps online, and the representative of Transport Bureau explained how to pay online for the Vehicle Licence Annual Fee.
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