Loan Application Procedure
  • Application Form can be obtained:
    • At webpage of Macao Postal Savings, click here to print the Application Form; (Download)
    • At Macao Postal Savings;
    • At the Government Institute by which you are currently employed.
  • Submit the completed Application Form together with a photocopy of your identity card to your Institution.
  • The signature on Application Form should correspond to that shown on your identity card.
  • Application Form and documents are to be sent to Macao Postal Savings for approval via your Institution.
  • Loan applications will be approved within three working days from the date of receipt of all necessary documents for said approval.
  • Once the Loan is approved, you can bring along your identification document to receive the Loan at Macao Postal Savings.

* Please note that even though your Loan Outstanding is not fully repaid, you can still apply for a new Loan. Under such circumstance, you need to settle your Loan Outstanding upon receipt of the new Loan.
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