Loan Information
Loan Amount

The maximum Loan Amount can be up to 40% of the annual regular income of client.

The followings are considered as annual regular income:

  • Salary;
  • Seniority Premium;
  • Housing Subsidy;
  • Family Subsidy;
  • Allowance for Secretary;
  • Functional Chief Subsidy;
  • Allowance for Error;
  • Transportation Subsidy;
  • Shift Subsidy;
  • Other incomes that are permanently and monthly received.

Amortization Period

The maximum Amortization Period is:

  • 36 months for the government staff who is employed in the form of "nomeação definitiva";
  • 24 months for the government staff who is employed in other form of employment.

Monthly Installment

Monthly Installment = Loan Amount ÷ Amortization Period
If the Monthly Installment is too high, Macao Postal Savings may extend the Amortization Period or reduce the Loan Amount.

Loan Repayment

Monthly Installment is deducted from your monthly salary, until the Loan is completely liquidated.

Risk Premium / Guarantor Risk Premium

Risk Premium is paid upon receipt of the Loan.
Risk Premium varies according to client’s age, it is about 1% to 2.5% of the Loan Amount.

Exemption of Risk Premium

Government Staff Loan is a type of guarantee-free Loan, it does not require any Guarantor. However if you want to be exempted from payment of Risk Premium, a qualified Guarantor is required to substitute for the Risk Premium. The Administrative Committee of Macao Postal Savings reserves the right to ask for more than 1 Guarantor.

Requirements of Guarantor

  • Government staff with the form of employment as "Nomeação definitiva";
  • Salary at least equal to that of the applicant;
  • Not a present debtor of Macao Postal Savings.

* The above-mentioned requirements are the general requirements. The Administrative Committee of Macao Postal Savings has the discretionary right to decide whether the proposed Guarantor is eligible or not.

Documents to be Submitted by Guarantor
  • Original declaration signed by the Guarantor with authentication statement given by Cartório Notarial;(Download)
  • A photocopy of Macao SAR resident identity card ;
  • Income proof;
  • Employment proof.


Interest is paid upon receipt of the Loan. Even though the Interest Rate rises in future, your financial burden will not be increased.

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